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XPEL Taps Ex Football Coach to Speak at Conference - January 19, 2017

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Two Areas to Add Revenue - January 19, 2017

When entrepreneurs want to grow their business, they’ll often add products or services that will boost their revenue stream. Two window film experts give us advice on a product to upsell—PPF–and a product add on—security attachments. Upsell with PPF Jamie Werner, national sales manager for PremiumShield, says shops should consider adding PPF to sell more […] ... Read More

The Importance of the “Why” in Your Marketing - January 19, 2017

This topic often comes up regarding marketing content that we create for our clients. If possible, I always want the marketing to get back to the “why” regarding the reason someone should entrust you with their business. The reality of life in 2017 is that people are bombarded with content from everywhere. It can feel […] ... Read More

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Q: What does the (VLT) of a window film mean?
(VLT) or Visible Light Transmission, simply means the amount of Visible light that passes through from one side of an object, in this case a piece of glass, and comes out the other side. So, a window film that has a (VLT) of 25%, will allow 25% of visible light to pass through a window, and will block 75% of light from passing through the window.
Q: How do I know that if I tint the windows on my office, that I will make a difference?
There are ways of calculating the energy savings that can be made by applying a film to your office windows, or any window for that matter. Every window has an energy use value or (U-Value), this can be used to calculate how much of the heat or cold is coming in and out of a window frame, so once a film is applied, a new (U-Value) can be set for that window and an energy cost saving can be calculated. However, there are so many more benefits than just heat rejection. Theres privacy, glare reduction, U.V. protection and much more, and no ongoing costs. For more info, visit our Why Glass Tinting pages.
Q: I know what film i want, but i want a professional finish. Where do i find someone whom can install this product?
If you want a professional finish, then contact a professional, and the best possible way to contact an independent window tinting business near you is to just click on the PROFESSIONAL GLASS TINTING QUOTES tab at the top right of the page. Just enter your postcode or Suburb, and you will receive results for up to 5 qualified professional independent film installers in your local area. You can send 1 form to receive a quote from up to 5 quotes. Just remember, the cheapest quote, does by no means equal the best quote. Service and experience are something that can be worth a few bucks extra.