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Carbonite CB - Carbon Black Non-Conductive Carbon car window films. Carbonite is a premium quality colour stable carbon-dyed window film. Like the Oxide window film it is non-conductive and does not interfere with any sensitive modern electrical equipment. It has a deep rich black appearance which gives a hot smooth look to all vehicles regardless of the colour of the vehicle. Also like the oxide film the colour is not in the scratch coat, which offers a superior scratch resistance.
The Glass Tinting Supplies Window Film Simulator is an indication software only. Based on non tinted glass in a day time scenario. The colours and reflection levels will vary slightly in almost every different lighting situation. Whilst all care has been taken to create an accurate impression of our film products, colour contrast and darkness will vary between the web browsers that are being used, and the contrast and lighting settings of each individuals computer screen. Glass Tinting Supplies will not refund any purchase of a product due to a variance between the website simulation and the real life scenario of any individual window film once applied to the glass.