Automotive Window Film

High performance automotive window film products for Engineered for Australia

Carbonite CB - Carbon Black Non-Conductive Carbon car window films. Carbonite is a premium quality colour stable carbon-dyed window film. Like the Oxide window film it is non-conductive and does not interfere with any sensitive modern electrical equipment. It has a deep rich black appearance which gives a hot smooth look to all vehicles regardless of the colour of the vehicle. Also like the oxide film the colour is not in the scratch coat, which offers a superior scratch resistance.
Oxide HP - Metal Charcoal High performance signal friendly solar Window film. Oxide HP has a unique construction process that uses metal-oxide particles that do not interfere with any of todays in built electrical devices. Radio, Mobile phone, GPS, TPM's as well as any other sensitive electrical equipment. It has all the solar heat rejection qualities, as well as the colour stability of a metallized car window film without all the signal issues that come with them. It is easy to shrink, sticks fast, dries fast, and it has superior scratch resistance. Oxide has been engineered in the US to suit the harsh Australian climate.
Fusion NX - Nano Ceramic Fusion Extreme Nano Ceramic Fusion ceramic automotive window films are the pinnacle of glass film technology. Utilizing Nano technology, Fusion window film is fused with Titanium Nitride Nano particles to give not only the highest in overall heat rejection performance, but unsurpassed clarity and colour tone. A truly prestige product for those who want the best. Fusion is quite simply the Ultimate in comfort and protection for you and your vehicle.