Residential and Commercial Window Films

Highest quality range of residential and commercial window films

Harmony - Natural Charcoal Harmony natural residential window film Harmony Features Natural deep tinted exterior appearance Daytime privacy without the mirror-look Creates a warm, indoor room ambience Enhanced anti-glare, internal carbon coating for Minimal back reflection, both day & night. Proprietary alloy construction is Wi-Fi Friendly and offers strong solar heat rejection of up to 63%, whilst offering a deep charcoal exterior finish.
Matrix - Nano Carbon Ceramic Matrix Nano Carbon Ceramic UltraGard Matrix window film features a fused construction of two superior technologies to produce a supremely durable window film that provides outstanding solar performance and long term protection from the harsh Australian sun. Twin Nano-Carbon layers provide increased heat control, daytime privacy and excellent glare reducing properties with low reflectivity, inside and out. Matrix is metal free, wi-fi friendly and non-corrosive in coastal or humid environments. It is dye-free, non-fading and provides ultimate solar protection performance built to last a lifetime.
NatureVue - High Definition Ceramic NatureVue High Definition Ceramic Window Film Is empowered by a revolutionary manufacturing process, NatureVue window film utilizes advanced ceramic coatings to selectively filter solar energy while providing high definition optics that enhance your natural views. It provides excellent heat rejection and UV ray protection, without the harsh mirror-look normally associated with conventional metalissed window films. Additionally, advanced ceramics are signal friendly for mobile and wi-fi reception. NatureVue helps preserve the rooms ambience and filters the suns heat and glare without sacrificing your natural daylight.
Synergy - Neutral Dual Reflective Synergy Dual Reflective Neutral ceramic is an attractive solution for large expanses of unprotected glass that require extreme solar protection. Designed with a high reflective outer coating for maximum solar heat reduction that is dual purpose matched to a non-reflective, ceramic internal layer. This revolutionary ceramic layer reduces annoying glare, minimises unsightly back reflections and makes Synergy the ideal choice for maintaining your scenic views during the day and at night.
Spectrally Selective Spectrally Selective window films effectively reduce solar heat gain while retaining high levels of daylight and preserving the natural appearance of the glass. Spectrally Selective films present the energy-saving choice that compromise neither facade nor view. Spectrally selective window films are manufactured with leading edge technology for superior performance and longevity.
Low Emissivity - LowE Energy Efficient Low Emissivity window film The specialized coating on Low E window film provides your building with year round energy savings. During the winter months, Low E window film captures heat from your building and directs it back into the room. This lowers energy use and saves money on heating bills. In the summer months, Low E film reflects solar heat away from windows, reducing the need to cool your building. Also, Low E window film blocks harmful UV rays, reduces glare and doesn't compromise any views. Glass Tinting Supplies offer a high quality, high performance range of LowE products including the revolutionary new Ecolux LowE.