About Our Window Films

Australia's harsh climate and high UV Radiation levels demand maximum protection from solar heat, sunburn and premature fading. Our Window Films can offer significant protection from all these factors, but to do so - it is essential that our films are made of the highest quality.

For this reason, we have chosen to partner only with suppliers that offer the very best products on the world market. Made by the most experienced window film manufacturers that have been proven to be capable of producing long lasting world class product.

We run our products through the only privately owned an accelerated weathering equipment (QUV) for comprehensive testing and analysis. This equipment can quickly separate inferior product from a world class window film. Only the best can make it as Glass Tinting Supplies products.
Our long term vision is to offer the highest possible quality driven and comprehensive catalog of products, and we are focused on service and support for our valued dealers around the clock.

Our reputation in the marketplace means much more to us than any single sale. Our business is built on long term relationships. We want to be a trusted and valued supplier to your company well into the future. Our customers can be assured that everything we sell is of the highest quality.

We proudly offer a hand picked selection of window films that have been engineered and made specifically for the Australian market.