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Below are some queries that we often get here at Glass Tinting Supplies, we truly welcome and encourage any questions that you may have, just contact us and we will strive to respond with an appropriate answer as soon as we possibly can.


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(VLT) or Visible Light Transmission, simply means the amount of Visible light that passes through from one side of an object, in this case a piece of glass, and comes out the other side. So, a window film that has a (VLT) of 25%, will allow 25% of visible light to pass through a window, and will block 75% of light from passing through the window.
There are ways of calculating the energy savings that can be made by applying a film to your office windows, or any window for that matter. Every window has an energy use value or (U-Value), this can be used to calculate how much of the heat or cold is coming in and out of a window frame, so once a film is applied, a new (U-Value) can be set for that window and an energy cost saving can be calculated. However, there are so many more benefits than just heat rejection. Theres privacy, glare reduction, U.V. protection and much more, and no ongoing costs. For more info, visit our Why Glass Tinting pages.
The cost of the film could not be easier, just go to the film product that you are interested in and enter the film sizes in our custom designed pre-cut film calculator, just click the + button to add addition sizes, then add it to your cart and you will see the price, you are only charged for the film you need, to the millimetre. And our pre-cut is a warehouse direct service that is by far the best and fastest in the country as we supply to many professional tinting companies. Or just click on the following link for more info PRE CUT FILM SERVICE
There are many films that are darker or more reflective externally than internally but, the surrounding natural or artificial light both internally and externally plays a major part. If there is more light available from the outside than inside, then the film will reject the light away from itself which will create a one way effect on the glass, but if there is no light source externally then the opposite effect will happen internally at night when lights are turned on inside. Each scenario varies for each lighting situation. We do stock a product that offers a one way mirror effect during the day, but it may not work at night for most situations. It is our ONE WAY MIRROR FILM
If you want a professional finish, then contact a professional, and the best possible way to contact an independent window tinting business near you is to just click on the PROFESSIONAL GLASS TINTING QUOTES tab at the top right of the page. Just enter your postcode or Suburb, and you will receive results for up to 5 qualified professional independent film installers in your local area. You can send 1 form to receive a quote from up to 5 quotes. Just remember, the cheapest quote, does by no means equal the best quote. Service and experience are something that can be worth a few bucks extra.
Glare and Light are one and the same. So when your are installing a film to reduce glare, a dark film is the only real option. The percentage (%) levels of a window film are confusing, it is measured in (VLT) or simply, how much visible light will pass through from one side of the film to the other. So that would mean that the Harmony 20% film, will allow 20% of light/glare to pass through from one side to the other, and the Harmony 10% will allow 10% of light/glare through. The great thing about the Harmony film range, is that it has a warm charcoal tone or colour.
Glare and light are the same thing, so all dark films will cut large amounts of glare/light. The down side to a dark film is that it will stop most of the natural light from entering through the glass, so it will darken the room. The exclusive Glass Tinting Supplies window tinting simulator is an amazing tool for seeing just what the our films will look like when installed in a real life daytime situation. So you could see for yourself which product may best suite you.
The best way to size up your windows, is when using a measuring tape, measure the size of each individual window that requires window film from top of the frame to bottom, and side to side. You will only need the glass area and not the frame. Then simply enter the sizes into the pre-cut calculator and the cost will be automatically displayed when you add those sizes to your cart. You will only pay for what you need.
The best way to remove existing film is to use steam. A wall paper steamer will usually remove not only the film, but most of the glue as well. Just use a glue remover and a non abrasive scourer to remove the remaining glue. It is often a pain staking and mesy job, and a good steam machine will cost up to $80 a day to hire. There is also a high risk of damaging your demister bars and aeriel signal lines on the rear and sides of the windows. As well as the glass itself. We would never discourage someone who wants to have a go, but if you were to contact your local tinting professional, you can spend the weekend with the family and not scraping film and glue off glass.
There are laws in place limiting the darkness or VLT (Visual light transmision) of the film that you can place on your car, there is currently a push within the tinting industry to create 1 limit that will apply to all states across Australia. There are many issue that can arrise from installing a film that doesn't meet the limits of your state. You can view the window tinting laws and limits in each state by viewing the Automotive Tinting Laws Page.