Environmental benefits

  • Reduces energy consumption by decreasing the need for air-conditioning in your building or vehicle by reflecting heat and insulating
  • Protects your skin and eyes from UV radiation and glare Extends the life of your interior items by protecting them from sun damage and fading
  • Applying a solar control film to the windows of your car, home or office is an environmentally friendly solution to uncomfortable temperatures. It requires very little maintenance and has no ongoing costs.

Changes in tint

When solar control film was first developed in the 1960s, it was regarded as an expensive product with limited use to the general consumer. Today, that perception has changed. After extensive research and development (R&D) over the past 40 years, the products now offered by leading manufacturers are outstanding quality and affordable. R&D teams continue to uncover incredible breakthroughs in window tint. The latest products include IR film and Smart film. IR film is designed to reject only the Infrared Light that causes heat, while not reducing the amount of visible light. Smart film can be turned on and off by the flick of switch.
Governments the world over are recognizing the environmental benefits of using of window tint. Glass film technology can reduce energy consumption and therefore decrease CO2 emissions, and your carbon footprint.
smart film switched on

smart film switched off 


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