Silver tone high performance solar films . UltraEco is a fully metallized mirrored window film that prevents large amounts of solar heat gain, it is very cost effective, yet boasts high quality and performance, along with a life expectancy that will outlast a generation. Its down fall would be its high internal reflection that creates a mirrored appearance when the sun goes down. It is used almost exclusively in the commercial sector for large scale installations that require heat rejection first and foremost, usually in buildings that are rarely occupied at night. The ultraEco external film is designed to be installed on the external surface of the glass where internal install is not possible.

Select the film type by clicking the film type button above the window. The window will then change in colour to replicate the film being applied on the glass. Exterior View to be seen when looking from the outside viewing into the interior of the dwelling or vehicle. Interior View to be seen when looking from the inside viewing to the outside of the dwelling or vehicle.

The Glass Tinting Supplies Window Film Simulator is an indication software only. Based on non tinted glass in a day time scenario. The colours and reflection levels will vary slightly in almost every different lighting situation. Whilst all care has been taken to create an accurate impression of our film products, colour contrast and darkness will vary between the web browsers that are being used, and the contrast and lighting settings of each individuals computer screen. Glass Tinting Supplies will not refund any purchase of a product due to a variance between the website simulation and the real life scenario of any individual window film once applied to the glass.