Tint in action

DID YOU KNOW on average in Australia over 45% of a home’s inside cooling and heating is lost through its glass? And did you know that over 80% of the solar heat gain into a home is through the glass? Solar control films can reduce that total overall by more than 60% and also reject up to 81% of heat from entering your glass!

Problem Snapshot

Consider this. You have an average size window in your lounge room, which receives large amounts of direct sunlight. Your home has standard insulation, and the heat that is entering through the glass is the cause of 7 degrees of the internal temperature.

If you were to add a residential solar control film that rejects 70% of heat away from the glass, then you would reduce your room temperature by nearly 5 degrees. Consider the difference this would make on a 30+ degree summer’s day, on your comfort, and your energy bill. Over the years, the savings will add up, both financially and ecologically.

Applying a solar control film to the windows of your car, home or office is an environmentally friendly solution to uncomfortable temperatures. It requires very little to no maintenance and has no ongoing costs. We supply only the best quality, long lasting films from respected US manufacturers, so you can be certain you will offered the best protection from excessive heat, glare and UV rays. And not only are glass films environmentally friendly, they look great too. Locate an installer near you for an in home consultation, to work out the right style for your home.