Why glass tinting in your home?

By applying window tint to your home, you're not only saving on energy costs, you’re helping work towards a more sustainable future for all Australians. Tinting the glass in your home will significantly lower the home temperature in summer, reducing your reliance on air conditioning. While tinting is great for the environment, it also has aesthetic values. The right tint on your home can look fantastic and also allow for privacy.


Q. Why do my timber floors and furnishings only fade near my windows?
A. Ultra Violet light.

One of the major factors to consider when deciding if a solar control window film is the right choice for the glass on your home, is that a solar window film will reject 99%+ of the Ultra Violet light from entering through the glass. Ultra Violet or (U.V.) light breaks down colour pigments which fades almost everything it makes contact with. From timber flooring, carpets, window furnishings, paint, furniture, and so on. Not only will a solar window film dramatically reduce fading of these items, it will also protect the windows internal frame, which will results in the frame not requiring repainting for many, many years.

Lets also consider what U.V. light does to our exposed skin. So as you can see, solar window film basically pays for itself just by the protection it offers from U.V. light alone.

A solar control glass film offers:

• Up to 81% of heat rejection 
• Over 99% of Ultra Violet (UV) light rejected
• Reduction in energy consumption
• Insulates and strengthens glass
• Privacy
• Glare reduction
• Dramatically reduces fading of furnishings
• Increased comfort level
• Stylish modern aesthetics

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